If you image search this in Google, you will find over 3,000 sources for this image. I was surprised to see it in a DesignTaxi email one day and realised it had been boosted by a Reddit user, and consequently copied onto a load of clickbait (and some more prestigious) sites.

This is the original

This is the source. I took the photo and retain the copyright. This is the original. You are viewing the pristine and enigmatic version of specsavers on the photographer’s own site. You’re very welcome.

I tried to get to the bottom of this, got a paltry usage sum from DesignTaxi and a few other sites. The Reddit user literally said ‘I got it off the internet, mate’, before disappearing.

This is what photographers face every day. I mean, if those sites paid a mere pound each – the cost of the dregs of a cup of coffee, it would be a reasonable living. It is a very hard business, and you have to be a very hard person. I had to get hard on some of the sites clearly making money from my work without my consent. I mean, I don’t go round stealing people’s dogs and making you demand it back for payment??? It’s the same thing (sort of).

If you are using the specsavers image on a non-commercial site, please send me a pound, or ask for my Paypal details. If you are a commercial site or using a monetising page – you definitely want to have a friendly chat with me before ripping the image from here.